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Over the past few years, my friends and I have worked with Karen @ KKS Travel Services, who successfully executed several memorable trips & events. 


Most recently, Karen helped me organize a surprise birthday event. The plans included a European vacation, travel reservations, dinner with friends and family, and many more surprises along the way. Karen handled all aspects of the event with meticulous care, thoughtfulness coupled with absolutely amazing choices. She carefully crafted the dinner menu, suggested and procured a great wine selection, flights and hotel reservations - all considering dietary, budget and location preferences. 

High quality and superior customer experience is part of Karen's DNA. She is extremely patient and works tirelessly to ensure the event is meticulous and extraordinary.  


If you are planning a wedding, honeymoon, vacation or a simple weekend trip, I highly recommend Karen @ KKS Travel Services.

- R.S.

I have now known Karen for about 7 years. She has hands down been one of the most organized, and adventurous women I know! She has been everywhere and always comes back filled with plenty of knowledge and next times do’s and dont’s. It was no question that I wanted KKS Travel to set up the plans for our honeymoon. With renovating or home while living in it, and wanting a short engagement, there was no one I trusted more! Karen got right to work and set up a meeting laying out plenty of options for us. Thorough, and available made Karen the best possible choice for us. Cannot wait to continue to travel with KKS Travel! Thank you for the beautiful trip Karen!

 - Cara

Karen really listened and planned us the most amazing trip!  It was the perfect mix of relaxation and fun outings.  - Sarah

Karen helped my husband and I plan an wonderful Austrian vacation! She asked what our interests were- sightseeing, hiking, biking, cultural events - and made recommendations around our interests. She also found wonderful apartment accommodations for us so we had lots of room in each of the 3 cities we visited. We used several of her restaurant accommodations and they were great. It was nice to have both a printed and electronic itinerary. Thank you Karen!

- Laurie

Karen is the best! She's super knowledgeable in travel, being an avid traveler herself, and will work to plan the best trip ever for you!   - Kerry

Each trip that Karen has planned for me and my family have been amazing 🎊If you are looking for someone who is patient and really knows how to plan amazing trips all  you to do is call Karen .

- Mary

I have gone on a number of trips planned by Karen. They are always fabulous and stress free. She is the best travel agent and trip planner out there! I highly recommend KKS Travel Services!

- Suzy

Karen found a wonderful villa in France for our family reunion.  The location was a great fit for our family's interests in day trips, poolside fun, restaurants, and adventure!  Something for every age group!

- Sharon

Karen is a thorough, meticulous researcher in her quest to provide the perfect experience for any family.

She is on top of all the details and leaves nothing to chance.

She recently found a fabulous villa in the south of France for my family, and planned some great day trips.

You can be confident that she will leave no stone unturned as she plans your vacation.

- Anne

Karen works hard to find a good match for your interests, uncovering off the beaten path activities and services.  She also provides tips and suggestions on how to make your trip better and more enjoyable.  You get a personalized unique plan. 

- Charlie

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